Advanced Indian Cookery Class at The Green Apron Cookery School

9:03 am

21st September 2019

green apron

More and more of us are regularly cooking Indian food at home, or at least attempting to.  Bored of the standard Indian takeaway fare and in the search for healthier versions with less oil, colourings and more vegetables many of us are keen to expand our repertoire of Indian recipes to which we can turn our hand.


Join me at this premium class at The Green Apron Cookery School to step into the world of indian spices and dishes that will instantly transport you to the world of beautiful India.  Using spices and ingredients that are readily available in the UK I’ll talk you through some amazing stories to illustrate  how spices are an intregral part of Indian Cooking.  The day will provide you with an understanding of Indian ingredients and cooking techniques enabling you to produce a wider variety of beautiful Indian dishes at home.

The menu for all the classes at The Green Apron are picked in such a way that the dishes are all suitable for the home cook using readily available ingredients. The class is suitable to everyone from the seasoned cook to a complete beginner. The class is very hands-on with all the ingredients provided and each step explained fully. At the end of the class we’ll enjoy a beautiful Indian meal together trying some of the dishes you have created with plenty of leftovers to take home

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